Linking it all together and bringing it alive at the fourth Home Automation workshop

Another week in May, another home automation workshop!

Yesterday once again we all came together to share ideas and thoughts about home automation and what the possibilities are to put ‘the smart’ into domotica.

Where in previous workshops we played with sensors, switches and protocols, it all came together this workshop with powerful tools such as Block(l)y and alternatives.

Starting the evening with a presentation by John about Blocky or Blockly (we are still debating this…), Sander followed up with a demonstration about these technics and a quick overview of his personal Domoticz installation at home. After this, Hans gave an impressive and comprehensive presentation about a few other languages that you can use in Domoticz including JSON, MQTT and Python.

Giving it a short break, we continued by taking the liberty to work on our own endeavors, ranging from playing with Block(l)y and the RFLink (Thank you!) to brave new experiments with 433mhz transceivers directly connected to a Raspberry Pi.

Here is short impression of the evening:

Buying hardware used during the workshops

Should you wish to take over some of the available hardware, please let us know. Hardware sponsor SOS Solutions is giving away discounts, we have coupon codes available on request. Send an e-mail to if you are interested…

Upcoming workshops

For the last workshop next Wednesday you can expect:

  • Demonstration about a Software Defined Radio (SDR) and how vulnerable the 433mhz home automation solutions actually are.
  • Presentation and demonstration about the KNX standard and how this is combined with OpenHab at the “Huis van de toekomst”, the location where we host these workshops.
  • Demonstration and perhaps a small workshop element regarding LoRaWAN

If you have any specific subject you want to address or like to know more on, please let us know.

Please register at the Meetup website if you wish to join us:

MADspace Domotica Workshop # 5

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