My name is Tom Geelen and have the dubious record of participating at MADspace since the beginning.


  • MADspace Door project
  • M.A.R.S.
  • Inspecting RFID tags. Using a Proxmark III to take a look at various cards/tickets/tokens/fobs that have RFID/NFC embedded, with thegoal of understanding how they are used/how “it” works and what kind of data they store.
  • Arduino based magstripe reader. Project with two goals:
    1. Gaining experience desinging a simple electronic circuit and write some signal processing code on a microcontroller.
    2. Seeing what kind of data is stored on magnatic stripes. This is comparable to my RFID project. (For just this purpose, buying an usb magstripe reader would of course have been much easier; they are not expensive).


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