Space Status project

As widly as possible show if MADspace is open or closed.

Fase 1: Basic’s

Open / closed detection:

  • Switch
  • Bluetooth handle
  • Wifi SSID

Local representation Representation on:

  • (HackerSpace Status API)
  • IRC

Fase 1a

Open / closed detection:

  • Switch

Representation on:

  • Local sign ( LED )
  • IRC

Fase 1b adding:

Representation on:

  • (HackerSpace Status API)

Fase 1c adding

Open / closed detection:

  • Bluetooth handle
  • Wifi SSID

Fase 1d adding

Security where possible

  • SSL
  • SSH

Fase 2

Burgelar detection (when we have our own room(s)). Number of participants logging Access control, door control

  • RFID
  • SMS
  • Bluetooth SSID

And other ideas we can think of.


  • Wiki
  • Tools

Development system

Raspberry pi with the PiBang distribution

  • Powersupply for the Raspberry pi
  • XAMPP server on the Raspberry pi
  • Arduino IDE version 1.0.5
  • Arduino UNO Rev. 3 with Ethernet shield
  • Red 5mm LED
  • Resistor of 330 Ohm
  • Switch and wires
  • Powered USB hub
  • HDMI capable monitor & HDMI cable
  • USB keyboard and mouse
  • UTP cable for the internet connection of the Raspberry pi
  • UTP cable for the internet connection of the Arduino Ethernet shield

Fase 1 implementation

Step 1 Proof of concept

  • [ Drawing t.b.d. ]

  • [ Code ]

  • Todo

Rewrite the perl code to php



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